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About Agastya Siddha Vaidya Yoga ashram

agastya ashram
A view of Agastya Ashram

In our ashram we are following the traditional Hathayoga school system.In which we give importance to pranayama,then Asana and relaxation.The aim of yoga practice is not to achieve flexible body,if that is the aim,better to learn gymnastics.Our aim is to make an aspirant to raise from tamas cinertia to activity (rajas,from rajas to satwa.Many schools are teaching a way just to be rajasic (activity),then.It is much better to learn some movement form of excercise."Sawatwam yoga vchayathe" to attain equanimity is the aim of yoga.In that proper food,proper excercise,proper breathing,proper relaxation understanding the sacred texts,chanting,japa meditation all has its role.Our way if practice is not to burn some caloric,it is for increasing our awareness.In our practice we consider asana as a part of yoga,but not the very important part.

Swami Gorakhnath has started the ashram in 2000 with yoga, ayurveda, siddha and kalarippayattu. Our ashram is situated in the beach of vypin island, in the middle of sea and backwaters, the natural beauty of kerala, with the practice of yoga and meditation, with the reddish sun and with the natural beauties it creates a spiritual environment in the ashram. Ashram programs leads to the peaceful path to attain yoga. we are interested in the proliferation of traditional knowledges. we are working for that in many ways.

Swami Gorakhnath

Swami Gorakhnath
Swami Gorakhnath in France

Born in 1964 Swami Gorakhnath joined the Indian Military Service as a Technician after completing his education. But during the later years he realized that he had bigger roles to play, greater dreams to achieve. So he quit the military to follow the spiritual path that led him to the Sivananda Ashram where he spent five years as a Yoga teacher. After learning Yoga and Siddha medicine and after acquiring in-depth knowledge in Indian Philosophy and spirituality from eminent masters and Gurus Swamiji established the Agastya Siddha Ashram in Edavanakkad in the year 2000. Then onwards the Ashram has become a sanctuary for many. For those who seek cure for their bodily ailments, for those who are after a higher pursuit called spirituality, or for those who simply want to learn Kalari or Ayurveda. Every year he undertakes spiritual journeys to the Himalayas with interested groups and holds 'Samvadas' (interactive learning sessions) with eminent sages there.

One day schedule in ashram

Swami Gorakhnath
Yoga in beautiful Aniyil beach
  • Morning

    • 4.45 : Wake up
    • 4.55 : Black tea
    • 5.00 - 7.30 : yoga training
    • 8.00 : tea
    • 10.00 : Brunch
  • Afternoon

    • 2.15 : Tea
    • 4.00 : Yoga training
    • 5.30 : Dinner
    • 5.30-8.30 : kalari class
    • 8.00-9.00 : Manthra chanting, Satsang, Bhagavath githa chanting
    • 10.00 : Light off

Life at Agastya Ashram