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ayurveda panchakarma in agastya ashram

The origin of Ayurveda, the most ancient form of medical science could be traced back to the Vedic literature. The crucial difference between Ayurveda and modern medical science is that Ayurveda is not just physical treatment, it takes a human being as whole that is body, mind and soul. The Sanskrit word 'Ayurveda' means the knowledge of life, ayur meaning life and veda meaning science.

It is believed that Ayurveda as a solid form of medical science evolved in and around 600 BC. It is the art of healthy living that enables you to find a perfect harmony between your body and mind. Whereas modern medical science treats onlt the infected part, Ayurveda treats body as a whole. Along with curing ailments, Ayurveda gives equal importance to preventive measures too.

According to Ayurveda three main energies or humors combine in various measures to form everything in the universe. These energies unite in limitless ways to create the unique qualities of each individual. When these energies named vatha, pitta and kapha are more or less in a balanced state human body will function to its fullest and when imbalanced, body will be affected in a negative way. In Ayurveda treatment means bringing about a healthy balance between the three energies by ousting all toxic elements from human body.

Massage in Ayurveda and in martial art is different. Martial art massage, we give importance to vital point and vital tube also we do many kinds of physical manipulation. People who suffer from neck,back,knee pain,kalari massage has an upper hand. Also people who seek flexibility kalari massage has an important role. The pressure in kalari massage is also quite higher than Ayurvedic massage.

Siddha Ayurveda

Siddha Ayurveda was developed by a group of sages called 'Siddhars' who received their knowledge directly from Lord Shiva. Sage AGASTYA is the father of Siddha Medical system. The Siddha system is based on the premise that only a healthy body can help develop a healthy soul. So ancient practitioners regulated their life with intense yogic exercises, fasting, and meditation and achieved super powers including the miracle to cure diseases.