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Health and fitness in agastya ashram

We all know that all other achievements of man will be reduced to zero if he lacks physical health. Along with many of its benefits modern life has given man a major setback too, a stressful life. Yoga and Ayurveda combined together can provide an effective solution to this omnipresent problem.

Ayurveda suggests that you should maintain good health even at the expense of all your other worldly possessions. 'Samkhya' one of the six major schools of Indian philosophy is the base of both Yoga and Ayurveda. Although Yoga and Ayurveda differ drastically in method, they both aim at one thing, the well being of body and mind.

In Agasthya Sidha Asram we give equal importance to body and mind. It is not at all our method to completely ignore the body for attaining higher spiritual levels. Indian philosophy treats both body and mind as two wings of the same bird and in order to fly a perfect harmony between the two as well as the perfect well being of two are required. Here we never advocate the negation of life, but we take life in it's affirmative way, with all it's positive aspects.